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Welcome to Vertical Truths

Yoga classes & interviews of spiritual depth

I’m  Jennifer Nausch, a yoga teacher and practitioner and the creator of Vertical Truths. Happy to have you here!

I am a yoga lover ever since my granny introduced me to this ancient traditional Indian practice in the 1990s way before yoga was as fancy and fashionable as it seems to be today. I practiced mainly by myself back then, throughout many years before making my passion a profession. My personal and professional journey has taken me from writing for local newspapers in Hamburg to working as a language teacher, translator and intercultural trainer in Portugal and India to finally deciding to take the yoga teacher training in India and become a yoga teacher.

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 After my training in India, I realized that the process of learning, evolving and unfolding in my knowledge and skills of yoga had just begun. So, I continue practising, reading and learning and I feel inspired to talk in depth with knowledgeable people in the field of yoga and spirituality that cross my way – yoga teachers, yoga therapists, practitioners, authors. In my interviews (click here YOGA CONVERSATIONS) I am sharing their touching stories, their enriching perspectives and their precious wisdom with you. These conversations are real gems to me.

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