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About Yoga Conversations

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You don't need to know anything about yoga or practise it to enjoy Vertical Truth's Yoga Conversations. All you need is an open mind and love for the exploration of other people's perspective and their deep transformative experiences. And if you are a practitioner or a yoga teacher you can deepen your understanding and get lots of inspirations for your classes and your personal yoga practice.



Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?


- What is really yoga?

- How and why do people get onto the path of yoga?

- What are the substantial differences between yoga in India and in the West?

- What are common difficulties, obstacles and struggles people face throughout their yoga journey? And what beautiful transformations may happen?

- Do we need a teacher or guru or are books and Youtube just as good?

- What does it mean, to be a good yoga teacher?

- Is it really possible to become a great yoga teacher after a compact four-week teacher training?

- What are new yoga fashions as beer yoga or cat yoga all about?

- Should yoga and hallucinogenic substances go hand in hand, or better not?

- Practising asana with a lesion – does this work?

- What can you do when you’re struggling to stay motivated and to keep practising?

- Sexual harassment within the world of yoga – how is this possible?

- Yoga championship: do yoga and competition go well together?

- Why do some people benefit from withdrawing into an ashram and why is it even counterproductive for others?

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If you got curious to know more - then Vertical Truth's Yoga Conversations is for YOU!


Here, yoga instructors, devoted practitioners, authors, sadhus and therapists from different walks of life and age groups, from the East and the West are discussing with me the most exciting and controversial aspects around yoga and are answering both, the juicy and the edgy questions.

Each CONVERSATION extends into a real and authentic “conversation” - a Yoga Conversation.

You may find an answer to your questions, or you may find there’s not just one single answer to your question(s). Or: you may even find that you have more questions than before reading.​

Just simply rumble through the various interviews, read, enjoy and share what you think and learned.

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