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Yoga for YOU

Feel-good Yoga in Hamburg
Individual Class

- You are ready to try yoga, but you are not feeling seen and safe during virtual or non-virtual yoga classes in groups?

- You would like to treat yourself by practising yoga with a personal yoga teacher who looks after you during the class with care and who offers adjustments that suit your beautiful individual anatomy?

Then Vertical Truths is the right place for you. I offer 1:1 yoga sessions in your personal feel good environment – your home or in my cozy yoga room.



A session consists of asanas - yoga body postures -, of breathing techniques and of meditative elements. As far as the physical movement is concerned you really may feel at ease. There is no pose you have to get into. It is about feeling, rather than about achieving anything.  Feel invited to go onto this exploration with me and get to know your boundaries and learn how to honor them.


I offer a 60 minutes long morning yoga class in the park to wake up body and mind and to start into the day active and focused.

TIME: Wednesdays 7.00-8.00 am.

PLACE: Wohlers Park Hamburg Altona (northwest side)

WEATHER: When it is not raining and warm enough (14 degrees or more)

PRICE: Donation based class

You need:

- no experience with yoga: this class is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners

- a mat

- water to stay hydrated on very warm days

- some extra clothes to cover your body during final relaxation (on a not so warm day)

Reach out to me and register via mail:

I am Jennifer Nausch, an empathetic and passionate yoga teacher. After having successfully completed my yoga teacher training in South India and come back to Hamburg just a couple of years ago, I decided to let inspirations from various more modern yoga styles such as vinyasa yoga, or yin yoga flow into the traditional Indian hatha yoga practice I have been trained at and into my own yoga classes.

What's my definition of yoga?

Yoga which derives from Sanskrit yuj basically has only one meaning, which is union or 'one'ness, however, the possible descriptions are innumerous - and this also hits my poetic vein. Yoga is: ancient and timeless wisdom, a wholistic way of living and healing, sacred body geometry, soul gymnastics, prayer without religion, seeing without using the eyes, spiritual science, the bridge between the mind and the heart, the journey through the physical, mental, emotional and energetical to the soul, the creative art of the Universe within you, the transition from being to beingness, the cosmic discovery of Self, the path to union with eternity, the connection with truth, or even: truth itself.


Got curious?

Would you love to know more?

Or would you like to book a class (or a package?) or a raincheck for a loved one?

Reach out to me here: CONTACT


Telephone: 0157 810 473 14

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Get your trial class for only 60% of the original class price!

SERVICE: If needed, in an individual class I provide you with a mat and props like a yoga belt or blocks. So you can get started right away with your yoga practice.

I am looking forward to meeting you and to practising yoga with you!



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